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Nov 18

K. Hall Designs Expands Flagship Store

K.  H A L L  S T U D I O  I N C.

715 Hanley Industrial Court St.Louis MO 63144 314-961-1990

K. Hall Designs Expands Flagship Store

Brentwood November 13, 2013 K. Hall Designs retail store has expanded their Flagship Store to over double the store’s original size making the store approximately 3000 sq ft.  By adjusting office space, K. Hall Designs was able to increase retail space for the optimal customer shopping experience.

They would like to thank their St. Louis customers for their continued support which allowed the store expansion to happen. Expansion plans were created after listening to customer feedback which included the desire for a wider variety of products and additional space while shopping. The expansion gives customers ample space to connect with each product and fragrance. The expansion has also allowed K. Hall Designs to give each product the shelf space it deserves, increase their fragrance selection, add more clothing and jewelry, and add a larger  more expansive selection of functional house ware goods and a large variety of gifts from other artists and vendors from local sources to international products.

K. Hall Designs has been recognized on several occasions through local publications as an award winning gift shop and for their award winning fragrances. The grand opening for the new store expansion will take place 11-23-13.